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~I'm an outcast. Always have been, always will be.~

When the shadows of this life have gone,
I'll fly away; Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly, I'll fly away.

My interests include video games, some TV Shows, and I don't know what else I guess you'll just have to find out.
[WARNING: I'm an emotional shit and a lost cause.]

30 Days of Beauty and the Beast [15/30] - Day 15: Favorite Tess/Vincent Moment.

1x17 Partners in Crime

"You’re hungry, huh?"


"I can hear your stomach. I just..I can tell."

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#BatBChallenge  #BatB  #Vincent Keller  #Tess Vargas  #BatBedit  #my stuff  #It was between this and him hissing at Tess..AHAHAH  #Dark humor right here..  #I loved how he was gonna give her what he had..  #but dhskja she had her own agenda  #If only she didn't run they could've eaten a garnola bar  #Vincent is such a sweetie  #its bittersweet this part 
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