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~I'm an outcast. Always have been, always will be.~

When the shadows of this life have gone,
I'll fly away; Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly, I'll fly away.

My interests include video games, some TV Shows, and I don't know what else I guess you'll just have to find out.
[WARNING: I'm an emotional shit and a lost cause.]

My Tumblr Crushes:darksigyn (19%)faintindestruction (17%)thebeastinsidethebeauty (10%)azi-raphale (9%)ssophoo (4%)mspumpkinqueen (4%)koreanpiggie (4%)kateatssummer (3%)teamcatcent (3%)All these people are lovely, I love em’
My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. darksigyn (19%)
  2. faintindestruction (17%)
  3. thebeastinsidethebeauty (10%)
  4. azi-raphale (9%)
  5. ssophoo (4%)
  6. mspumpkinqueen (4%)
  7. koreanpiggie (4%)
  8. kateatssummer (3%)
  9. teamcatcent (3%)

All these people are lovely, I love em’

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