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~I'm an outcast. Always have been, always will be.~

When the shadows of this life have gone,
I'll fly away; Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly, I'll fly away.

My interests include video games, some TV Shows, and I don't know what else I guess you'll just have to find out. [Warning: I'm an emotional shit.]

they think it’s funny to have their little sleepovers and go into their little bathrooms and say my name five times in the mirror. They find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog.

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Nice way to pass the time without Jay on our screen. I mean watching and re-watching another stuff with him. ;)

Honestly..I think that his how I am coping with the hiatus HAHAH
With luck I found the full Mockingbird movie when I’ve only found clips before :D I might rewatch more of his series too :3

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self promo on tumblr like

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Wow! Cool! You know, it kind of looked like that to me… just the relief detail… But then, I was like: how on earth did you manage to go all the way to Cambodia!? That’s awesome!

I was able to go to Cambodia for a mission trip with my church in 2012. It was amazing. The first of 3 weeks there we stayed in Phnom Penh learning about the culture and about the Killing Fields,etc. Then the last 2 weeks we did outreach helping churches out there.

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What temple if It’s okay to ask ?

The temple I was at in that pic was Angor Wat :)

This [ a random pic from google] is a view from the courtyard [the courtyard was hugeee] of teh temple. I was within the walls you see there..just outside of the most holy place..which is the 5 tall spires.

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Oh Padyn, sweetie, look at you, smiling everywhere!! 😄 I love it!! ♥

hsadkjhdsaui thank you Gosia!

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Ahhh you look so happy in the third one cx

eheh in the 3rd one it was raining on a hot humid day at a felt so good uvu

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Okay..I was tagged by firstofficerdani for a selfie thing..but I’ve never taken a selfie in my life. So these are just random pics… :p

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barnacle sauce -_- I’m sorry sweetie

Yea..I’m sorry too. I kind of feel like I have to get used to the buggers…

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u can’t spell boobytrap without partyboob

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